Establishing your organisation as an exceptional employer - attracting and retaining top industry talent

Better understand

Understand the needs and motivations of the audiences you are wanting to recruit (and importantly retain)

First choice

Having a distinctive employee value proposition establishes you as the first-choice for the talent you want to attract

Close the gaps

Address skills gaps fast. Or even better...before they happen

Align the brand

Connect your brand proposition with the employer value proposition, making both more powerful


Kick off workshop

A workshop where we familiarise ourselves your brand. We'll review your market and key competitors - exploring potential challenges.


People analytics & Talent mapping

Analysis of employee trends to identify skill gaps and enable micro-targeting of audiences, greatly reducing cost per hire. Gold package only.


Market analysis

Desk research and social listening to familiarise ourselves with your brand, your audience, your key competitors and the broader contexts of the market.


Internal fact finding

121 interviews with your key internal stakeholders. These provide us with the clarity needed to bottle your employer brand proposition.


Prospective Employee focus groups

Digital focus groups to understand what your prospective employee audience think and feel about your brand. Silver and gold packages only.


Employer brand proposition development

We will collate and analyse the insights to identify actionable insights that will inform the employer brand proposition.


Debrief & workshop

Time to present your employer brand proposition. We'll also make recommendations to move the employer brand forward including creative suggestions, and any next steps.

The costs.


Starting from: £9,480

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