As the world’s top economies are labelled as ‘gloomy and more uncertain’, what does this mean for the advertising industry?

Facing a perfect storm of a recession and inflation, the economy is in for a rocky ride. The least risky strategy for those who are able… continue marketing and stay noisy. The unfortunate truth, however, when facing survival mode, marketing budgets are the first to be cut.

This page will equip marketers with the ammo to protect their spend and their position in the market, all rooted in lots of strong evidence and juicy rigour. In doing so, we can look through the clouds to a brighter future.


average loss in sales over a year when brands stop advertising

Share of Voice

directly proportionate to market share


to increase share of voice during a recession

More expensive

to recover lost market growth after cutting spend


long term ROI per £1 after an average advertising campaign

12 x

profit multiplier of creative led campaigns


To help talk through this rallying call to stay noisy, our Brand and Strategy Director Adam Irwin interviewed a panel of experts to discuss why this is the most effective way to weather the storm.

Having been through recessions before, the straight-talking interviewees use their insight, perspective and examples of past experiences to provide advice and recommendations on how to successfully navigate the recession, ensuring you come out stronger.

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Steve Henry – Group Client Director at Audience Collective and Co-Founder of Ponderosa

Richard Midgley – Group Strategy Officer at Audience Collective and Co-Founder of Ponderosa

Mark Garrett – Director of eCommerce at Audience Collective

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