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Maxibon, the ice cream sandwich for blokes, needed a campaign that would get guys’ attentions and shouted louder than other ice cream titans. We gave them a campaign that rivalled established heavyweights and managed to do that on a featherweight budget.


Maxibon ice cream sandwiches had slipped under the UK’s radar. To reverse this we thought long and hard about the target audience – blokes. Realising what a man wants from his ice cream very different from what other brands offer, we knew how to make Maxibon a hero in their eyes.


Bite it. Don’t lick it! The Bite Gym and our fighter of campaign was ready for action. The whole idea was to give all those ‘Lickers’ out there a much-needed session on how to get stuck into a Maxibon – the blokey ice cream – like a real man.


This cool customer became one hot topic, with brand awareness rising by 10% in the first year and 20% over the course of the campaign. Gone were the days of Maxi-who? The Bite Gym pumped up prompted awareness from 3% to 17%.

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