10 Pointless Emojis That No One Will Ever Use

Just imagine for a second what the world of social media would be like without emojis… no, we don’t like it either!

We’ve come a long way since the primitive days of :-0 and ;-). Emojis have infiltrated our daily lives and our vocabulary. So much so, that there’s now 3,187 of them and last month, Emojipedia announced there will be a further 117 added to the mix. These are due to hit our keyboards by October 2020.

But, why are emojis so popular? ????

These tiny emotive characters have revolutionised the way we communicate. They allow us to convey all manner of emotions, add body language, show intent and express personality.

That being said, there are some emojis you wonder why they were ever created. We carried out some *super scientific* research at Ponderosa’s office this week to find once and for all – what are the 10 most pointless emojis that no one will ever use?


1. Floppy Disk

Image result for floppy disk emojis

As a creative and digital marketing agency, we’re pretty technical. But, we refuse to believe that everyone else in the world is still using floppy disks. Anyone heard of a USB?

2. Clamp ️️

Image result for clamp emoji

The clamp was part of the original Emoji 1.0 launch in 2015 and yet we’re still 6 months away from a screwdriver ????

3. Abacus 

Image result for abacus emoji

Curiously, the abacus emoji was introduced in 2018… only about 1,000 years after the abacus was invented then.

4. Wind Blowing Face ️️

Image result for wind blowing face emoji

Just, why?

5. Satellite ️️

Image result for satellite emoji

We often feel that our work is out of this world *????* but we’ve never found a need for the satellite emoji.

6. Person in Suit Levitating ️️

Image result for person in suit levetating

For all those times we’ve levitated into work…

7. Television 

Image result for tv emoji

What can we say, some of us are just too young to remember black and white television! How about a new ‘smart’ TV for 2021?

8. Alembic 

Image result for alembic emoji

Not going to lie, we had to google what this was called ????

It seems scientists were hugely underrepresented on the emoji keyboard until recently. Thankfully, The Unicode Consortium released a whole load of scientific emojis in 2018 such as the petri dish, a test tube and DNA. However, these have rendered the Alembic even more useless.

9. Curly loop

Image result for curly loop emoji

Not to be confused with the double curly loop which has been adopted as the international symbol for voicemail ➿

This is a single curly loop symbol. However, it seems even Emojipedia isn’t quite sure what this is for!

10. All the clocks  

Image result for clock emojis

On the emoji keyboard there are 24 different clocks in the symbols section alone. These all show the time as either on the hour or half-past. The question is though… what happens if it’s quarter past?

While we may have mocked some emojis, we truly do believe they have changed the social media landscape for the better. These colourful little figures inject a little bit of fun into social copy and help us bring brands to life. View our previous work here.


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