Influencer Marketing

We’ve matched brands with some of the UK’s biggest influencers, ensuring they align with their values and drive engagement. We handle the whole partnership process, from niche micro-influencers to A-list celebrities. And with our knowledge of ASA regulations and legal support at our fingertips, the deal will be watertight too. 

Social media influencer vetting

Sourcing and vetting 

Leave finding the right talent to us. We use Brandwatch’s intelligent discovery tool to connect with 30m+ global creators, pinpointing the right influencers for your brand’s campaigns. Using demographic mapping, we’ll work out exactly which influencers are the best talent fit for your objectives​. And on top of that, we’ll do all the due diligence – the work that really counts – making sure there’s no aspect of their profile that won’t work for your brand. 

Influencer negotiation


Less a little black book, more an extensive database packed with millions of connections to influencers around the world, our network is your route to more cost-efficient, highly effective influencer marketing. You don’t want to skimp on influencer talent – it can make or break your investment. So don’t compromise. Get us to negotiate for you, leveraging our network to get you the best value for money.  

Briefing and contracting 

Securing the perfect fit talentwise is only half the battle. Getting the output right is the other equally complex bit. We’re here to create valuable, clear brand deals with a single-minded aim for you.​ That means from contract to brief, everyone’s crystal clear on expectations and deliverables.   

Influencer unboxing gift

Gifting and mailers 

From concepting to fulfilment, we handle every aspect of gifting and mailers for prospective influencers. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile with your brand’s personality, to come up with those killer gifts and mailers that your influencer targets can’t resist talking about. 

Social content planning

Content and relationship management 

Content creation is a process and we look after every step of that for you. From brief to feedback and development, we keep your content and the relationship on track.   

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