Brand insights

Our Better Insight approach means you’re never drowning in the ‘quite interesting’. As expert strategists, we understand you need that single-minded insight to be decisive. Whether you need a single piece of market research or an entire research programme, we’ll help you make your next move with conviction. 

Brand Insight

Identify the opportunities

Ponderosa helps you step back from the sector and your business. Our market audits are designed to identify and then exploit weaknesses in competitors. Our stakeholder engagement uncovers strengths, which we can emphasise in a distinctive way. We’ll not only help you spot the opportunities, but also capitalise on them to unlock your brand’s full potential.

Understand audiences

Understand audiences

People are bad at observing their own behaviour and even worse at predicting it. Our understanding of behavioural science means we get the most out of research, so you’re never led astray, and good ideas are not diluted.  

Brand understanding

The full picture

Traditional research agencies can be accused of looking through a single lens. The audience’s lens. We understand that to make decisions commercially and confidently, the brand, market and audience need to triangulate. Our strategists will guide you on the right methodology, giving you a more accurate perspective.   

Insight Services


Market Segmentation 

Breaking down your market into distinct segments, so you know who you’re targeting and the size of the opportunity.



Using social media platforms and insight tools to observe people’s online behaviour, providing us with brand and product attitudes, as well as wider cultural insights.


Environmental audits

Clarity on changes in the market and how competitors are positioned, so that you can outmanoeuvre them.


Quantitative research 

Giving you confidence in numbers about what consumers think of the category, your brand and its products or services.


Qualitative research

Get up close to your audience with focus groups and workshops or leverage powerful ethnographic research to get a window into your consumer’s day-to-day life.


Stakeholder engagement 

We engage with relevant stakeholders to really understand your business and unlock the potential in your organisation.

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