Social Media Strategy

Social’s a ‘nice to have’ no more. Now it’s your long-term brand-building channel. And just as nothing substantial gets built without a clear blueprint, you don’t create effective social without a solid foundation. That’s what our built-on-better-insight social media strategy services give you.  

a universe of social brands

Brand aligned

Our approach means social activity feels natural for your brand – it’s your story told in a social-first way (still true to your audience insight, just in a way that gives you social standout).  

Fit for the mix

You can measure, track and prove ROI – ensuring social plugs into the bigger marketing picture. You won’t find vanity metrics here. We measure effectiveness over 50 metrics, so we really know it’s working. And if it’s not, we change it.   

Social legacy

Legacy making  

Our social media strategy will make it crystal clear how to expand your brand on social for the next 3 to 5 years. The upshot of that? Social content that your audience will love – think likes, shares, impressions, follows – ultimately, better results.

On trend 

Our experts are fluent in memes, already onto tomorrow’s trend. Team these social savants with our Strategy & Planning specialists, and you get fireworks.  Here’s what the social strategy process can look like, from the initial consultation to your finished strategic plan.  

Social process


Social audit

Analysis of existing social use and performance to understand what’s working well and what could be improved.


Competitor mapping

Landscape overview to understand where the opportunities are.


Audience deep-dive

Who are we talking to and targeting and how do they use social media?



What you want to achieve as a business translated into social goals.


Channel strategy

Which channels, why and how to approach them including posting cadence.


Brand personality

Bringing your TOV and visual branding to life on social.


Content strategy

Content pillars, cross-platforms, hero formats and content types for each channel.


Influencer strategy

Opportunities, niches tailored to your objectives and executions thinking of each platform.


Paid Amplification

From boosting to paid ads for each channel, audience and budgets.



12-month targets to measure progress against your objectives.

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