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DUSK – Made for Unmaking

Made for unmaking
DUSK "Made for Unmaking" Advert screenshot - couple in bed

A challenger brand to the industry leader, DUSK offers classic luxury bed linen, plush bedding, and towels for less. We were tasked with curating a social media presence that showed off both its elegant styles and relaxed comfort, as well as creating a video, print and PPC content.

Better Insights

DUSK offers you luxury style and comfort for less, so jumping in and unmaking your bed is as satisfying as making it perfect. Our campaign positions DUSK as elegant enough to show off, yet affordable enough that you can feel right at home relaxing in your bedroom.

DUSK User Generated Social Media content

The DUSK Family

User-generated content was a big part of DUSK’s social strategy, as it’s a great way to showcase their bedding and décor in people’s beautifully designed yet lived-in rooms. Involving users also gives them a more personal connection to the brand, and gives a personality to content.

Better Ideas

While our campaign focused mostly on social media, we went beyond this to include video, print and PPC advertising. With visuals that balanced aesthetic styles and relaxed comfort, DUSK appeals to audiences who don’t want to spend extravagant amounts for luxury bedding but still want rooms that look stunning.

DUSK & Lick Social Media Competition Post

Perfect Partnerships

By collaborating with other brands for content and competitions, DUSK quickly became associated with a cosy and aesthetic lifestyle. Their competition with Lick paints generated a massive 100K impressions and 15K entries.

Better Results

15 million
increase in audience size

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