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Marketing & New Business Prospecting Manager

Marketing & New Business Prospecting Manager Spark is a specialist research agency based in Dublin, and part of the Audience Collective, along with Ponderosa. Audience is an insight-driven group of specialist agencies that help brands better connect with their audience. Spark are looking to build their presence in the UK and leverage the amazing relationships […]

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Account Executive

This role is about inspiration, passion and detail. An inspiration to discover a new or better way of doing something, a passion for brands, clients and their business, and detail which delivers professionalism and outstanding results.

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Middleweight Digital Designer

We’re doing it. It’s happening. We are searching for an experienced digital designer to join our team and work in our enthusiastic and (frankly) brilliant digital design team.

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Speculative Enquiries

Are you keen to showcase your creativity? Your insight? Your ability to achieve excellent results? We’re always interested to hear from those who possess the inspiring ideas to help Ponderosa create real success. If you think you could be the person we’re looking for drop us a line at

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Want to know how we do what we do?

Want to know how we do what we do?

We are a team and together we create great things.

What we do

We’re a full-service brand communications agency that starts with strategy and insight. With this knowledge we can then confidently change minds, win hearts and excite people.

Our proposition is a simple one. We pride ourselves on developing ideas that are based on clear, relevant insight. We have a painstaking approach to unearthing that insight. This means our creative ideas and solutions stand out and are more effective, adding value to your brands and your business, creating a real difference to your bottom line.

Our services

We are creative, techy, strategic, motion savvy, thinkers, designers and wordsmiths with the power to move people.

Planners & Researchers

Perfect planning prevents poor performance at Ponderosa. It’s central to everything we do here. Our researchers unearth insights and use them to set the right course.

Brand Developers

We build on that special something your business has. Through an exhaustive process – we call Ponderation© – we identify, nurture and grow that special something.

New Product Developers

Done right, NPD can add serious value to your business. We’ve done it successfully for alcoholic and soft drinks, gaming, biscuits, vitamins and supplements.


Advertising excites us. Because great advertising can still light a fire under brands, businesses and people. At its best, it can be more than product shifting, it can be culture changing.

Digital natives

We know digital. We create highly effective solutions because we get to know our clients, their industries and their goals. We’ll get to know yours. Unleash digital in your business.


The world’s largest companies are investing heavily in social media. Why? Because it works. It can be more targeted and responsive than any other kind of media platform. If done right.