How to manage your social media through a pandemic

The world is at a pivotal time of a new reality that requires thoughtful navigation. As many rely on social media to stay connected, platforms have seen a dramatic increase in usage and engagement has risen 61 per cent. Now more than ever, these channels play a vital role in conveying a brand message. However, brands must consider their impact in what they’re delivering as how they respond now will be remembered in the future. During this period of disruption, innovation and reconsideration of a platform’s purpose is key. Those willing to respond and technologically transform their online presence will succeed. Here’s our advice in staying connected and meeting the ever-changing needs of your audience.

Keep calm and post on

It’s essential to stay consistent with community management and proactively share content. By stopping, you run the risk of your audience losing the connection with your brand. Make sure you’re actively responding to comments as it’s likely you may see more engagement during these weeks and months so timely responses allow your customers to have a bit of contact with your brand. This will also ensure that you’re in the best possible place once this period of downtime is lifted.

Embrace change

This time will no doubt be a ‘wake up call’ for many industries and a key factor in resilience is adaptability. In order to win in times of crisis, innovation is the way forward. We know this can seem daunting but try to be creative with your output e.g. hosting live streaming events, podcasts or any new ways to bring your offline world, online.

Brand leadership

In times of crisis, people look to leaders and institutions for guidance and reassurance, they’re also now increasingly turning to businesses.  It is therefore crucial that you know your brand and don’t follow from others. It’s about understanding the unique role your brand plays in people’s lives, how that has changed, and how your brand can help.

 Escape from reality

What do people need right now? For you to provide an escape from the current situation and radiate positivity. In times like this, when the online space can be overwhelming, a bit of light distraction and entertainment can go a long way. One way this can be achieved is through humour and meme culture is offering exactly that. So much so that Forbes have collated social media’s most popular memes titled “Laugh Away The Apocalypse”. This won’t be right for every brand but now more than ever people need a little respite from reality.

Engage communities

As humans, we’re programmed to seek out connection and while social distancing offers protection and security, it comes with significant impacts on individuals. That loss of community connection leaves a significant gap, at a time when people need to feel connected the most. Your social media can become that essential virtual meeting space to fill that void. The pandemic has also shown the camaraderie of people like those supporting the more vulnerable in their communities. If it’s appropriate for your brand, consider how you can also contribute in a positive way.

Social media is typically a place where we show the 1% of our filtered lives with brands taking a similar cautious approach. In these uncertain times, the demand right now is for transparency, support and a bit of light distraction. Stay relevant by adapting and maintain resilience to the constantly changing social landscape.

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