The 5 most inspiring things that have happened in lockdown

It’s safe to say that lockdown has been an interesting experience.

Quarantine has definitely brought with it some challenges, but in typical British fashion, we “kept calm and carried on.” We might be confined to our houses, but we’ve adapted.

Most of us have turned to social media and Zoom calls to stay connected. If you haven’t already, we recommend turning off those pesky ‘Screen Time’ notifications. No one needs their iPhone judging them at this time.

If our Slack channel is anything to go by, the Ponderosa squad has used this time to learn a load of new hobbies. Origami? Ukulele? Cross-stitch? You name it. We’ve tried it.

We’ll be emerging from quarantine like a kaleidoscope of butterflies. An even more talented bunch than we were 3 months ago.

As marketers, we also spend a lot of our time on the internet. News outlets are quite a scary place right now, but there have been some stories that have provided us with a glimmer of hope. Take a look at our top 5 inspiring moments of lockdown.

Captain Tom Moore’s 100th Birthday Walk ????

Back in April, Captain Tom Moore stole the hearts of the nation. Just shy of his 100th birthday, he set out to walk 100 lengths of his garden to raise some much-needed cash for our NHS heroes.

£32.8 million later, he’s been awarded a knighthood for his fundraising efforts and received his 100th birthday letter from the Queen. Sir Tom is also set to star in a documentary, biography and even release a charity single – what a guy!

Captain Sir Thomas Moore

Black Lives Matter  ✊????✊????✊????✊????✊????

The Black Lives Matter movement is not new but has picked up momentum in the last month since the tragic death of George Floyd. Social media has been alive with influencers and brands pledging to help end racial inequality. But on #BlackoutTuesday they fell silent, allowing only black voices to be heard.

A greener world ????

Scientists have estimated that at the peak of lockdown carbon emissions had decreased by 31% ????

Will this inspire our world leaders to invest more in renewable energy? We can only hope ????

Businesses adapting like a boss ????

In order to survive, we sometimes have to adapt! And that’s exactly what thousands of businesses did across the globe. Haighs Bakery, a family-run business, was forced to close due to the pandemic. But, they didn’t let that stop them.

With a little bit of help from the Ponderosa crew, they were online with orders flying in, all within just 3 weeks! There’s nothing quite like to smell of freshly baked bread delivered to your door…

Emily’s Crisps outdoor advertising campaign

We’ve also seen some lightning speed u-turns from brands as they quickly revamped their marketing campaigns. We think this campaign from Emily’s Crisps was a particular stroke of genius!

I can see a rainboooow ????

Every Thursday at 8pm, the whole nation took to their doorstep or apartment windows to show their gratitude to our marvellous NHS workers ????????????

Our streets were adorned with pictures of rainbows, as children also showed their support!

Children show solidarity with NHS workers

We may have been social distancing, but in some ways, we’ve become more social than ever. Now is that ideal time to launch your next marketing campaign. Get in touch ????

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