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Digital Project Manager

We are looking for a project manager to plan, execute, co -ordinate and manage all internal and third- party resources involved in digital project implementation from initial scope to going live. Overseeing all aspects of project management, you are the glue that holds things together.

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Social Media Opportunities

We’re always looking for talented and passionate Social Media professionals to join our ever-growing team. Think you’ve got what it takes to deliver best in class social content and campaigns for exciting brands including alcohol, food, tech, travel and more? Drop us a line with your CV and why we should consider you at

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Integrated Account Manager

Background We are a full -service agency in central Leeds, offering a blend of strategic thinking, digital innovation and inspiring ideas to a broad range of clients. Bringing every aspect of a brand to life our clients rely on us to deliver results that gives them presence, sustainability, value and success. The opportunity Our continued […]

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TikTok has recently turned two, and there’s no denying that since the app was born it has taken the world by storm. It recently reached 2 billion downloads, with the average user spending 52 minutes a day on the platform. 

With 83% of users having uploaded their own TikTok it’s quite clear the platform has an active and engaged audience. However, it’s still quite hard to wrap your head around how brands can make the most of the app and target their consumers effectively.  

So, we’ve rounded up a few of our personal favourites. Brands that we think are absolutely smashing it on TikTok. And maybe, we can all learn a thing or two! 


Now, this is a brand that we ALL need for some TikTok content inspo. Having nearly reached 1 million followers, Chipotle post consistent, on-brand content that optimizes the platform’s features. 

They’ve been heavily involved in TikTok challenges and have even created a few of their own. The #ChipotleLidFlip challenge currently has over 300 million views and their #GuacDance challenge has over 1 billion views. On top of all that,  their Halloween #Boorito campaign got over 4 billion views. Now that’s impressive. They’ve also got one of the best TikTok bio’s we’ve ever seen – “Less Tok, More Guac”. Genius. 

For some incredible memes, how-to’s and to see a bunch of people trying to say ‘chipotle’, you should definitely check them out


It’s safe to say that Elf Cosmetics has pretty much smashed TikTok too. Did you know, they specifically commissioned a song for a TikTok campaign? And this is the first original song EVER commissioned for a campaign on the platform? Seems like Elf Cosmetics are one step ahead… 

Using influencers to kick-start their campaigns, #eyeslipsface was their most successful trend with 6 billion views.  Those that took part in the trend stood a chance of winning $250 worth of cosmetics.  A clever way of incorporating competitions/giveaways into your content whilst simultaneously starting a trend promoting your brand. Score. 

See more on their TikTok here


Hollister have posted one video on TikTok. Yes, just the one. So how are they ‘killing it’, you ask?

Well, with this one video they started the #MoreHappyDenimDance, a hashtag that then received 3.7 billion views – and counting. 

In a similar style to Elf Cosmetics, Hollister partnered with influencers to help get their campaign off the ground. TikTok influencers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio choreographed a dance that highlighted the message: Hollister jeans are so comfortable you should celebrate it with a dance. And hey, if you actually do it – you can win some! A great way to spread brand awareness and get that all important message across, whilst coming up with an idea that is incredibly suited to TikTok’s style – quirky, fun and influential. 

Wanna see for yourself? Find them here

If you decide it’s time for your brand to join TikTok and want to have a chat with us, get in touch