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MelodyVR is an emerging tech brand that fuses virtual reality and live music. What MelodyVR was doing was so new, no one had ever heard of it. Yet. All that changed when we introduced the world to their game-changing brand. And we did it in a way that matched the brand’s ingenuity.


The concept of MelodyVR was pretty much brand new. With this being the future of music, something its potential consumers hadn’t even dared to dream of yet, we realised whatever we built had to work hard to explain the service, as well as excite.

On-brand interactions and animations

We designed every interaction, from rollovers to image transitions, to be as cutting-edge as the brand.


Our clever content interactions and visuals made sure the user understood exactly what MelodyVR was all about. On top of coming up with the best way to show users how they could pick a virtual spot to watch gigs, we also got our heads round main user goals. This meant we could priorities core goals, like easy app access.

Mobile’s where it’s at

Mobile was the main source of traffic, so all design considerations began with those device constraints and opportunities.


Showcasing brands that aren’t your average Joe is our bread butter. So when it came to Melody VR’s site, we knew what we’d got to do. And the experience we created not only complemented their product’s innovativeness, but also made sure a standout brand stand out (and won an CSSDA SK award doing it).

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