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The biggest selling compilation brand in the world, NOW Music had broadened their offering and wanted their website to be even bigger than hits. Having expanded into apps, games, a TV channel and streaming service, we brought it all together in NOW Music 2.0 – the ultimate destination for all things pop.­


NOW Music fans already have whole lotta love for the brand. Getting input from different mega fans, we were inspired by their passion. We channelled their nostalgia for the NOW numbered albums into irresistible features guaranteed to fuel their fire.

Moving stuff

The site’s irresistibly clickable. And that’s no fluke. We used strategy and UX to get the reactions NOW were after.


What we created was anything but a basic tracklist inventory. An interactive timeline gave users a personal nostalgia fix, letting them explore NOWs from 1983 to present day the way they liked. NOW Music have a huge back catalogue. We included it all – tracklists, original adverts, links to buy, everything.

What a hit

Video, audio, imagery, we packed the site with rich media for maximum impact and a richer experience.


NOW Music is a brand that people go mad for. Our site pushed their excitement levels even higher. We turned immersive timelines, rich content and decades of hits into a full-on pop experience that got 4.2m sessions, 6.7m pageviews and 3.1m new users – that’s one must-see music site.

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