York Minster

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York Minster Website Desktop and Mobile

The world-renowned York Minster wanted their website presence to be as impressive as the cathedral. We redesigned it so that the performance was as sublime as the design. Putting users and functionality first, we designed, developed and built a website that’s an intuitively human experience for every visitor.

Better Insights

The key to making this site intuitive for everyone – whoever the visitor, whatever they’re looking for – was to understand every possible user upfront. That way the functionality, journeys and site architecture were all bang on – targeted for every user.

York Minster Website Homepage

Bringing discoveries to users

York Minster’s got so much history. We made it super simple for users to uncover hidden stories.

Better Ideas

We designed the site to serve up content based on context, so that depending on what day it is, the information and events users would see would be tailored for that moment. Maps and guides are interactive too, giving different people the information they need.

York Minster Website Screens

Better Results

The user experience is better. The content management system we put in place is better – easier to manage. The control York Minster have over their site is better. Their connection with their audience is stronger. It doesn’t matter which angle you’re coming at it from, everything we did made every bit of York Minster’s site better.

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