Epilepsy Action

Creating a online lifeline
Epilepsy Action Website Homepage on Desktop and Mobile

Epilepsy Action is a leading charity which aims to improve the lives of those who are effected by epilepsy. They approached us as their website had become bloated, dated and not fit for purpose.

Epilepsy Action Purple Day Website Screen

Audience Insights

Ponderosa first conducted audience interviews and analysed website traffic to narrow down 17 proposed personas to just 5, entirely reframing how the charity thought about its user base. The personas were subsequently used across the entire business.

Better Insights

We learned that the site was a lifeline for all our personas. But the poor UX meant it was hard to use and the design didn’t match the vital and empowering role that the charity played in people’s lives.

We also collaborated with the SEO team to ensure all insight, design and content decisions were informed by real-world data.

Epilepsy Action Website Donate page
Epilepsy Action Donate Screen on website

Better Ideas

In design sprints, we created user journeys for the personas, based on data from the existing site. Each user journey was mapped into the wireframes. This inspired:

  • More intuitive UX with a slimmed-down information hierarchy.
  • A more empowering experience through a more confident design language.
  • Bolder use of the brand assets, making it more distinctive.
  • A new donation module that encouraged interaction without getting in the way of the user finding information they needed.
  • Reducing redundant pages and content without impacting SEO ranking.
Epilepsy Action mobile website screens

Better Results

increase in membership
increase in donations
Client Feedback

“I asked Ponderosa to create the best epilepsy website in the world. I think they have delivered just that.”

Phil Lee, CEO

Client Feedback

“Our website project has been an incredible vehicle for wider organisational change.

The personas and brand archetypes we created are now common language across all teams. The look and feel improvements have pushed us forward enormously but the biggest gift from this project is helping us to unlock internal creativity.”

Jon Eaton, Director of Communications and Digital Engagement

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