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Mighty Pea was founded by lactose-intolerant brothers Tom and Nick Watkins. When they came to us, their plant-based m.lks were widely available to stockists but not directly to consumers. We stepped up and made e-commerce pea-commerce for the benefit of both brand and consumer.


Mighty Pea’s website used a WordPress platform but it was catering purely for the business to business side of things, not business to consumer. We knew the key to success would be making a fundamental change by opening up the brand to everyone.

Bringing discoveries to users

Sustainability is important to Mighty Pea. Our carbon calculator compares your yearly footprint of using Mighty Pea milk vs cow’s milk.


We landed on the ideal solution: Shopify. Although a drastic move, it allowed us to build a bespoke website with a monthly subscription model – encouraging direct sales and customer loyalty in one go. We then broke another barrier to purchase by helping Mighty Pea get on Trustpilot.

Growing peas

Our work has just begun. As Mighty Pea launches new products, we’ll make sure customers know it’s one of the best dairy-free brands about.


In just three months, we got the brand open for business to consumers and helped gain an excellent rating on Trustpilot. Mighty Pea m.lks will soon be available in 5,000 stores in 12 different countries across the UK, Europe and Asia. That’s better on a mighty scale.

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