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The Real Yorkshire Pudding Co.

Just like homemade
Sunday Roast with Real Yorkshire Puddings

For years, The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company had successfully made own-label Yorkshire puddings for UK supermarkets. But they knew there was more to give when it comes to our favourite golden bowls. With great ambitions, they decided to launch their own consumer-facing brand, selling a range of exciting (and delicious) products.

Better Insights

By speaking to consumers, conducting taste tests and getting under the skin of the business, we discovered that The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company make their puddings just like you would at home (just with a bigger oven).

Real Yorkshire Pudding Website Screen

Welcoming websites

Making sure they had a online presence, we built a website to introduce pudding lovers to TRYPC’s story, their products, how to use them and where to buy them.

Better Ideas

We took the ‘just like homemade’ approach to cooking, alongside all the care, attention and freshness of their puds, and combined it into a contemporary street food brand look. With their socials we leant into funny yet relatable content around our Sunday lunching and munching habits – as if Yorkshire puds didn’t make us smile enough already!

Better Results

The Real Yorkshire Pudding Company is now listed with major supermarkets including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose. They’ve also got incredible social media engagement on a limited spend of £300 pcm.

Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding Packaging

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