Sweet Freedom

Always Sweet, Always Natural

Sweet Freedom is a range of natural, sweet syrups that are great for pancakes, porridge, hot drinks and more. The brand had presence in retailers but was struggling to get traction as it was listed in different places in supermarkets, so people weren’t sure how to use it.

Better Insights

Sweet Freedom Forest leveraged the existing distinctive assets of the brand while giving us room to show off the versatility of the product. The best-kept secret of Freedom Forest was now the best-kept secret of the supermarket. The ad ran across VOD and paid social.

Better Ideas

We also asked influencers to create different types of recipes for the campaign: herohealthy indulgent recipes, Teddy Bear Picnic with kids and gifting across vegan and fitness influencers. We also ran social storytelling videos, giveaways and recipes associated with key products.

Better Results 

view through rate
who saw the ad said they would use Sweet Freedom
increase in brand consideration

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