Swallow Dental

Pulling out the pain points
Swallow Dental Website Homepage on Desktop and Mobile

Swallow Dental had serious issues with their Magento website. UX was almost non-existent, forcing users to resort to the search function to find what they were looking for. We delivered the most effective ways of improving the site and gave it a much-needed Magento upgrade.

Better Insights

Delving into site analysis revealed the original site was disjointed and didn’t offer any interactions from the homepage. Navigation was difficult and, as a result, almost every user went straight to the search just to get around.

Swallow Dental Product Highlights on Website

Getting to the root

We ended up helping Swallow Dental with a brand update along with art direction to improve their web banners in future.

Better Ideas

Knowing that small changes wouldn’t be enough, while reskinning the site, we made a bunch of structural improvements in the design to make it flow better. Along with the Magento 2.4.1 upgrade, we also implemented Elastic Search to provide further search functionality and a better user experience.

Dentist working on patient
Swallow Dental Dental Handpieces Product Page on Desktop and Mobile

All-round improvement

Our rebuild of the CMS included new functionality, allowing the client to update whole areas of the site.

Better Results

increase in conversions
improvement in Google Lighthouse score

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