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Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Give it some ginger

Crabbie’s had established itself as a quirky, spiffingly refreshing ginger beer and a competitor against other bottled alcohols. But with a new, younger audience, we needed to give this vibrant brand a new message that consumers could sip on.

Crabbies Grand National Campaign promotional examples

Better Insights

Whilst the original brand campaigns performed brilliantly for Crabbie’s, we knew that their typically British style wasn’t going to resonate with international markets. And in the UK, with more young consumers being targeted, the 1950s ‘tickety-boo’ personality of the brand didn’t quite land with that new audience.

Better Ideas

From a polarising personality that alienated younger drinkers, the new, energetic campaign celebrated Crabbie’s unorthodox products. The sort of drinks that bring a vibrancy to a consumer’s repertoire, some colour to an otherwise dull world.

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer bottle

Prime Time Showstoppers

TV’s not dead – while we may be changing how we watch, there’s still an important place for TV, especially with live broadcasts. Sponsoring the equally eccentric revival series of TFI Friday, Crabbie’s adverts added some pop to evening TV.

Better Results

increase in product value
viewers more likely to purchase
viewers thought new brand was good fit

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