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Hawkshead Brewery

Sharing passion, craft and care

This is our beer garden

Hawkshead Brewery is based in the heart of the English Lake District. They wanted us to position their ale range as a serious choice and, of course, get it into the mouths of more drinkers. In response, our campaign captured the reward of a cold beer enjoyed in the most rewarding of surroundings.

Better Insights

The lifestyle of the Lakes is something to savour. Getting out and about with friends and soaking up the scenery and activities is life affirming. Now, thanks to Hawkshead, everyone can sample the true spirit of the Lakes.

Hawkshead Brewery "Our Beer Garden" 48 Sheet Advert
Hawkshead Brewery Beer Cans

Everyone's invited

Hawkshead is an inclusive brand. We made an open invitation so everyone could get a taste of the Lakes.

Better Ideas

Whether you’re walking along a ridge, canoeing down rapids or exploring the terrain on a mountain bike, everyone looks forward to a well-earned beer at the end of the day. We wanted to show that enjoyment in a contemporary way, in Hawkshead’s awesome, rugged backyard.

Hawkshead Brewery 6 Sheet Advert

Outside interest

To draw people in, we captured the purity of the water, the freshness of the air and the dramatic, sometimes unforgiving, landscapes.

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