Promoting New Homes Week
HBF New Homes Week Advert

The Home Builders Federation was looking to promote its New Homes Week, an annual campaign to promote new-build homes to potential buyers in the UK.

Better Insights

Our research showed that empty nesters and first-time buyers were the most likely to buy a new build due to less nasty surprises. However, audiences remained nervous of the economy and the cost of living; life was uncertain enough without moving or getting on the housing ladder!

Better Ideas

With better efficiency, better build quality, a stress-free buying process and no nasty surprises (like leaky roofs or broken boilers), buying a new home meant our audiences could get on with living.

We served ads to both audiences, then reengaged them with the most effective messaging.

With a small media budget, we stuck to online channels, running ads across Facebook, Twitter, Programmatic and Google search.

Better Results 

increase in campaign traffic
increase in PPC clicks
increase in quality video engagements

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