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KCOM Hello Good Stuff

Bigger than Broadband
KCOM "Hello Good Stuff" Video screenshot - logo over house

KCOM is one of the longest-established communications providers in the UK. When they decided to expand outside of their heartland in Hull, they would be competing with the likes of Virgin and BT. While there were lots of reasons for the audience to pay attention to KCOM, campaigns weren’t as effective as they could be.

Better Insights

Through our Ponderation process, we understood that KCOM offered Full Fibre Broadband that was faster and more reliable than their competitors’. We also found that broadband has a notable impact on people’s quality of life. This, plus KCOM’s genuine commitment to the local communities they serve, means KCOM is far bigger than just broadband; they upgrade your world.

KCOM "Hello Good Stuff" billboard

Better Ideas

Our insight led us to one big idea: ‘Hello Good Stuff’. This thought gave the brand a warm and friendly personality, that was flexible enough to talk about all the different ‘good stuff’ they do, from life-changing broadband speed and reliability to great work supporting local communities.

Better Results

Following the campaign launch, KCOM experienced two record-breaking sales months, and beat their targets at 184% above average sales for the YTD.

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