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Marketing & New Business Prospecting Manager

Marketing & New Business Prospecting Manager Spark is a specialist research agency based in Dublin, and part of the Audience Collective, along with Ponderosa. Audience is an insight-driven group of specialist agencies that help brands better connect with their audience. Spark are looking to build their presence in the UK and leverage the amazing relationships […]

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Account Executive

This role is about inspiration, passion and detail. An inspiration to discover a new or better way of doing something, a passion for brands, clients and their business, and detail which delivers professionalism and outstanding results.

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Middleweight Digital Designer

We’re doing it. It’s happening. We are searching for an experienced digital designer to join our team and work in our enthusiastic and (frankly) brilliant digital design team.

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Speculative Enquiries

Are you keen to showcase your creativity? Your insight? Your ability to achieve excellent results? We’re always interested to hear from those who possess the inspiring ideas to help Ponderosa create real success. If you think you could be the person we’re looking for drop us a line at

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Tactics that outplayed Coca-Cola at the Euros

Rigorous Insight

Relatively new to the UK, Hisense, the Chinese TV giant, needed to make a name for themselves here.

What better way to this nation’s heart than the beautiful game? As a proud sponsor of UEFA Euro 2016, we realised this was Hisense’s golden opportunity to get everyone onside.

Inspirational Ideas

To win the nation’s support, we created The Hisense Big Giveaway. With flash competitions, video promotions and a ‘follow to win’ campaign on Twitter, Hisense made the Euros extra exciting. By doing all this and giving fans a chance to win a VIP trip to Paris for the final, they were well in with the footy crowd.

Real Results

Hisense’s social media following grew by 1,100%. There can’t have been many who didn’t know the brand’s name, with the campaign receiving over 10 million impressions. They even beat Coca-Cola, Adidas and McDonald’s in Marketing Week’s Brand Agility Index for Euro 2016, coming 3rd.

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