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Russell Hobbs ‘We Get Life’

We Get Life

Russell Hobbs is (and was) a familiar appliance brand. But major retailers had started to pull listings, with bargain retailers taking their place. The average selling price of a Russell Hobbs product was dropping, losing the company money.

Better Insights

Ponderosa conducted a multinational research programme to find a global positioning for the brand. Contrary to conventions of the category, we found that product features were less important than how a product enriched people’s lives each day. It wasn’t about kettles boiling water, it was about a comforting cup of tea.

We also found that Russell Hobbs was seen as a British brand and that this was a good thing. Furthermore, no other competitor was distinctively British.

Better Ideas

We positioned Russell Hobbs as a modern British brand, that understood life’s ups and downs, and made thoughtfully designed products to enrich everyday life. Russell Hobbs paid attention to life, and this became the brand’s proposition.

We brought the new positioning to life with a big campaign idea. Feel at Home.

The campaign conveyed the honest but warming moments that Russell Hobbs products help to create every day. We did this in a very British way, to give the brand a distinctive yet familiar feel.

Russell Hobbs We Get Life Posters

Better Results 

incremental sales uplift
increase in average selling price of kettles
reverse in declining market share

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