CRO Improvements
User-testing summary for Sovereign Healthcare

A poor user experience on the Sovereign Healthcare website highlighted to the client the difficulty users were finding in completing the application process for Sovereign’s Health Care Cash Plans.

Better Insights

Through our research, we understood that the cash plans were difficult to understand, and it was tricky to compare different cover options. In addition, information about specific elements of the plans wasn’t easy to find. Because most people are unfamiliar with subject matter, they were put off.

Better Ideas

Following an initial audit, we made some design changes to improve the UX. This included:

  • An on-page comparison tool for quickly comparing policy levels, instead of having to go in and out of individual pages/PDFs.
  • Responsive table that changes the relevant pricing automatically based on which policy level is selected
  • Signposting directing users to full details of policy inclusions/exclusions, claims procedure and instructions for claiming allowances.

We then conducted user testing to ensure our changes were effective.

Better Results 

number of applications started
application conversion rate

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