Social in Seconds: April 2021

While it’s hard to believe that it’s already May (why are the months passing at lightning speed?) this also means that it’s time for our social roundup from April! With so much happening this month –  Easter, April fools and lockdown restrictions lifting, we could understand if you’ve struggled to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the Social realm. Hopefully, this month’s social in seconds will help catch you up to speed!

I fear that if you read this introduction for any longer we may already be in June, so without further ado here are this month’s social media updates! 


LinkedIn is currently adding new features to their member profiles, such as video cover stories, and a ‘Creator Mode’. 

The video cover stories allow the users to personally introduce themselves to potential customers visiting their profiles which makes the experience more personal.

With the new creator mode, the current ‘Connect’ button now becomes a ‘Follow’ button so those interested can follow their new content. Additionally, users can add hashtags on topics they post about the most. The hashtags will automatically bump these posts to the top of profiles so viewers see them first. 🔥

Facebook has just announced its new topic-based targeting options for its in-stream ads, this will also be seen as the first stage of ads in Instagram Reels.

The first new addition is in-stream ad targeting categories, which will provide users with a more personal option for your video ad campaigns.

Twitter is now launching a live test of its new ‘Professional Profiles’, which will provide brands with a new way to present themselves on the platform, with dedicated tools and features that will allow businesses, non-profits, and creators a way to display specific information about their business directly on their profile.👏



A viral tweet = free advertising.

If you have been living under a rock you may not have heard about the biggest supermarket showdown of the 21st century –  the M&S vs ALDI caterpillar cake war. While almost every supermarket going has their own knock off version of Marks and Spencers iconic Colin the caterpillar cake, it seems that it was only ALDI with their similar ‘Cuthbert the caterpillar’ who received the knock on the front door from a hoard of M&S lawyers. 

The copyright uproar has created a comedic Twitter debate #freecuthbert. One tweet leading to numerous other tweets, memes, and reactions from shoppers and supermarkets alike!

This Twitter feud has created large visibility for ALDI and M&S despite this being over a ‘serious’ legal case. By ALDI interacting with their competitors, have given them a window for free advertisement and a way to get their brand spoken about by the public 🙌

Was this showdown staged by M&S and ALDI the whole time, I’ll leave that for you to decide…

Clubhouse continues to blow up 🤯

‘Clubhouse’ is one of the newest social media platforms on the block, with an exciting and different invite-only, audio concept. Since blowing up online, and having gained 10 million users and counting, it’s no surprise that lots of other platforms are creating replicate features of Clubhouse to follow the trend.

Twitter was the first of the pack to clone the Clubhouse app with the introduction of their own version ‘Spaces’ which is an invitation-only service where users can listen to the conversation or interviews. Facebook and LinkedIn are of course close behind working on their own versions of this new concept. 

Facebook is known for copying the trends of every rising social media platform which means Facebook is trying to bring the Clubhouse clone into its next update. So it will be beneficial for a platform to retain more audience who are trying to migrate to other social media apps. 👀

We hope you have enjoyed catching up with this month’s social roundup! 

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